The Rainbow Bridge

Cookie Monster of Heidelberg HC CGC

August 26, 1998

We decided to get a Sheltie after our fourth dachshund was paralyzed due to back tumors and was put to sleep. So we contacted the Western Pennsylvania Kennel Association about breeders, and they told us about Rusty Cromer and Merlyn Kennels. We wanted a sable and we wanted the runt of the litter. So, we got Cookie. She loves to herd. She loves to bark at loud engines and motorcycles. She is the Queen of the house and alpha female. All she has to do is curl her lip like Elvis and all the other dogs back off!

Creme de Cocoa (1989 - 1993)

We got Creme to cheer Cookie up after we moved and she was depressed. Creme was our pet shop dog. I fell in love with him at Doktor Pet Center. We already had Cookie, so we decided to call him Creme de Cocoa - you know, "Cookie and Creme". We should have called him "Creme of Chicken". He was afraid of everything. We found out later that he had epilepsy. So if his brain wasn't working properly, that explains why he was afraid. He had bad knees, too. 2 genetic defects! He came home from the store with 3 parasites! Cookie tried to bury him in the snow on the day after we got him.

Creme hated cats! He wanted one for his very own. There were a lot of cats in our neighborhood, so he got to choose a lot.

Creme had his last seizure on Christmas Eve Day, 1993.


Kirby came to us as "Lady Nicole". Her owner was giving her up because she was moving to Florida, and her vet told her that the dog couldn't handle the heat. But when summer came, we found out that what she actually had was Collie Nose (Solar Dermatitus). She was allergic to the sun. When she went out into the sun, she needed sunscreen on her nose. Most of her face was one great big scab - that was how we found out she had it. So, we took her to the vet, and started her on Prednisone. Unfortunately, she loved to lay in the sun.

We started to call her "Kirby", when we discoverd she could catch anything that was thrown to her - nothing fell to the floor! We were going to call her "Hoover", but that was too masculine. Jay would tell her "go long", and she would go out into the hall, and would catch anything he threw. She was raised as a vegetarian, so she liked lettuce, green peppers, salsa, jalapenos, apples, bananas - anything that was a fruit or vegetable. When I used to make salads for lunch, it would be a piece for the salad, a piece for Kirby, a piece for the salad, a piece for Kirby. She did 5 tricks, but only in a particular order - if you tried to change that order, she would get completely confused. You had to do "sit", "give paw", "speak", "roll over" and "catch cookie" in that order. She was a very sweet dog, but nobody wanted her because of her nose, and the fact that she was 8 years old. Around Christmas, we started to feel lumps under her skin, and the vet thought she had cancer. She died on November 11, 1994. I still miss her.

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