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The Wild Bunch - 07/06/00 00:33:36
My URL:http://www.vvm.com/~perkinsj/
My Email:perkinsj@vvm.com
How did you find us?: Sniffed our way in
Benny you are one lucky dog to find a sucker Mom an Dad like we have. We had wet eyes readin yer sad story can't immagine what it was like to be tied to ennyfin cause we ain't never been tied to nuffin. We is sendin licks to yer lovely Mom an Dad fur the love they've shown ya, ifn ya don't mide that is. Sniff ya later

Glenn - 04/25/00 01:03:10
My Email:ghasulak@mindspring.com
How did you find us?: Nothern Light search on GPASI
Hi. I saw an ad in an aquarium magazine for the GPASI but the phone number is disconnected. I searched the web and was led to you. I'm a bit of a novice (tank since Dec 99) but I'm getting there. I thought it might be nice to go to a monthly meeting an le rn things, meet peoople, etc. Perhaps I'll come to the next meeting!

jody dietz - 10/01/99 02:36:36
My Email:dietzhaus@home.com
How did you find us?: looking for breeder
I am sorry I sent you a letter looking for a pup I did not realize that you rescued shelties. I have 3 pound rescued boys in my home, now I'm a great believer of saving a dog in need. I have put my name on shelter lists in the past to be told that no dogs needed homes, that I found hard to belive but stopped looking after awhile. Maybe my guardian angel lead me into this web site after all. Please contact me if you think I might be able to help .

Mario Pinotti - 07/07/99 20:53:36
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Amy Spaw - 06/11/99 14:18:04
My Email:spaw@penn.com
How did you find us?: just looking
I really liked the poem.

Martin Battaliou - 03/10/99 13:58:19
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/mb/bbep/javascript.html


Rock on people, this is a great site. Thanks for letting me sign your guestbook. Keep up the good work.

Re ards
Martin Battaliou


Rick Angros - 10/30/98 05:02:43
My Email:angros@isi.edu
How did you find us?: Web search
You have real nice site. Unfortunately, there is a real dearth of Angros websites.

Charlie - 09/15/98 00:51:19
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Heartland/Ranch/7378
My Email:CBarth5632@aol.com
How did you find us?: Petsburgh Post
Hi, I stopped by your page last week and asked you to vote for me in the fall festival contest. I promised I'd be back to sign your guest book. Well, here I am. And we won the contest. If you voted for me I thank you, If you didn't then please remember I ept my promise and consider voting for me next time. As for your page. I think It's really great. And I'll be back soon. Now I'm going to continue looking around.

Kathy Charette - 03/26/98 18:34:13
My URL:http://members.aol.com/revere355/index.html
My Email:Revere355@aol.com
How did you find us?: word of mouth
Your page is very nice. I really enjoyed reading about all your dogs and rescue dogs. It brought a tear to my eye to think someone could do such a thing to such a sweet dog like Sassy. so glad it turned out great.. keep up the great work..

Truman - 03/18/98 00:35:39
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Heartland/Valley/7881
My Email:animalowners@reocities.com
How did you find us?: Pet Gazette
Stopped by to see what your site was about. Great. My wife and I had several Shelties years ago. Now we have Basenjis. [We needed a challenge :-) in life]. I have a new page, the first I have designed, stop over and see it. It has lots of information for nimal owners.

Grandma Sue - 02/25/98 23:18:27
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/2900
My Email:sadolph@concentric.net
How did you find us?: Sandy told me!
Wow!!! your site is great!!!! Love it - Keep up the good work,

Sandy - 02/25/98 23:05:03
My URL:http://www.reocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/2370
My Email:carawind@reocities.com
How did you find us?: created this!!
Jay and Mary Ann, Welcome to the world of cyberspace.

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