Questions and Answers.

Understanding "All", can be difficult. If you have questions, they will be answered. We would like to post them here, so others can read the answers without having to ask for themselves. If you do not want your question posted just say so. Just e-mail your questions to and we will answer them for you.
Q. What is the meaning of the Church of All's logo.
A. The triangle, first view point. The triangle has a base that is where we are collectively at. It has a top or tip. To there is where we collectively project our thoughts. The triangle, second viewpoint. We stand at the fulcrum, the top, and we receive our energy from those within, below. The universe is made up of an infinite number of horizontal universes, planes, which ever one you live in you can project your positive prayers up or outward. Your energy is that which is projected to you by all of those within or below. The dot and the tip are interchangeable, the outline of the triangle and the base are interchangeable. There are also an infinite number of vertical universes.

Q. Does the Church of All have baptism?
A. The church of all has no baptism.

Q. Are believers in All saved?
A. The only saving is in the sense of "save the whales", "save the rain forest", "save the planet", and "save mankind"!

Q. Why does the Church of All have confession?
A. We must forgive ourselves. To truly do that we must be truly sorry. Confession to another is an open repentance you have gone beyond a thought and committed yourself with an action. Forgiveness by another is an attempt to help with closure.

Q. What is the real purpose of the Church of All?
A. The church of all is the true universal religion. Here on this planet it stands first and foremost for saving our environment, our planet, our world. This world is a life form and we are the thinking aspect of it. We must accept responsibility for it. To do that we must accept responsibility for ourselves.
We must save mankind or we will not save our planet. We have the power to do these things. The power comes from within. We must connect to it and project it outward through positive prayer. We must then fulfill these commitments that we have made.

Q. Why is the Church of All on the Internet?
A. Perhaps I am ahead of the curve on this one? The internet has the potential of evolving into the greatest communications tool of all time.

Q. What is the role of prayer?
A. The church of all preaches positive prayer. It asks that we do gods good work. A religion that states that we are the gods must accept that mankind does both good and evil. There is plenty of evil going on without my help. I ask that people find the strength to make a commitment and then go out and do gods good work before it is too late.
I am sure that your intentions are to do that good work! In "all" we accept your godliness and therefore your ability to interpret what the right path is.

Q. Is the church growing?
A. I have ordained four ministers. Two of them are doing things that I am interested in and two of them are not. None so far are doing gods negative work.

Q. Which is better a physical church or the Internet?
A. Preaching from the pulpit shall always be the best. It is human and has direct effect on other humans. That is not causing us to give up radio sermons. It is not causing us to give up TV evangelism. It has not stopped such strange ideas as drive-in theater services. The internet will become increasingly involved in religion.

Q. Rev. Gannon don't you think you are trying to take advantage of people?
A. When I first started this project in February '96. I made reference to shut ins and web addicts. I received several comments from well meaning people to drop the web heads angle and I did after the first couple of months. I am fully aware of the fact that the internet has completely dominated some peoples lives. I strive not to take advantage of these people. I am after the occasional or moderate user who shares my cause in environmentalism and has become disillusioned with traditional western religion.

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