Verse of All.

A shaft of intense golden light,
collected from the universe
within you,
projected by you
to the immense universe beyond.
You are made up of
untold numbers of
galaxies, and stars, and planets.
On these planets live
an untold number
of sentient beings.
Of those beings
some see the golden light also.
They project the golden shaft upward too.
It is from these beings that we receive our power.
Just as they,
we are a part of a larger being,
and our projection of the light gives it power.

This connection,
coming from an infinite number of
smaller levels of the microcosm
through us to an infinite number of
larger levels of the macrocosm,
is our link with the collective god.
Each of us is a part of god,
and on our level of the universe
we are the conscience part of god,
we are the gods of our planet.

This link comes from positive prayer.
Positive prayer means
that we internally project outwards,
not what we want god to do for us,
but what we are willing to do for god.
When we pray
we are making a commitment
to ourselves and to all beyond us
that we will do gods work.
We will do godly work,
positive work.
The power will come from within,
from that golden shaft of power
being projected to us
by all the gods that exist within us.
As we do so,
as we do more and more godly work,
we become a stronger
and stronger conduit of the power.
We enable greater
and greater power
to be generated from within,
and we project more
and more power
beyond to allow the gods above us
to do greater
and greater works also.

This is a truly universal religion,
this is a truly infinite god,
this is The All.
We are the source of our gods power,
we are the gods,
it is to us that they the gods within us pray.
We are but the fulcrum, a valve,
that the power flows through,
an infinite shaft of golden light,
and we must use that power,
while it resides here within us
to do our godly work on this planet,
and to project it out to the god above.
That god is thus empowered
and does it's work
and projects the light
to the god that he is but a part of.

Science and religion were once one and so shall they be again.
(c) 1997 by Douglas G. Gannon, All Rights Reserved.