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German Books

Ratings: Introductory, Advanced, * must have

Asiatische Drachen Franz Arz 3-8043-0197-5 1992 I-A
Drachen einfach und schnell gebaut Werner Backes 3-473-45680-2 I
Drachen aus aller Welt Werner Backes 3-473-42282-7 1986 I-A*
Drachen bauen Werner Backes 3-473-42281-9 1984 I-A*
Drachen kombinieren und verketten Werner Backes 3-473-42284-3 1989 A*
Drachen: Modelle zum Selberbauen Tony Christopher 3-88034-221-0 I
Drachen mit Geschichte Walter Diem, Werner Schmidt 3-88034-656-9 1993 AA
Originelle Drachen zum Nachbauen Thomas Erfurth, Harald Schlitzer 3-8241-0340-0 I
Drachen - Spiel und Sport für jung und alt Toni Klaus 3-8174-2314-4 I
Das Drachenbuch Ron Moulton 3-473-42552-4 1978 I-A*
Drachen - Spiele mit dem Wind Rainer Neuner 3-85502-476-6 1994 I-A
Drachen David Pelham 3-7701-0946-5 1976 A
Neue Lenkdrachen und Einleiner bauen und fliegen Wolfgang Schimmelpfennig 3-8068-1353-1 1993 A
Hobby Drachen bauen und steigen lassen Wolfgang Schimmelpfennig 3-8068-0767-1 1992 I-A
Drachen selber bauen Susan Tyrrell 3-453-41371-7 I
Drachenbau mit Erfolg Axel G. Voss 3-49-52769-1 I

English Books

Kiteworks - Explorations in Kite Building and Flying Maxwell Eden 0-8069-6713-7 1989 I-A*
Making and Flying Fighter Kites Philippe Gallot 0-85219-807-8 I
The Fighter Kite Book David Gomberg 1992 I
Soft Kites and Wind Socks Jim Rowlands 0-312-08966-X 1992 I-A*
The Tao of Kite-Flying Harm van Veen 0-937315-01-X A*
Kite Flight: Theory and Practise Chris Wright 1-898253-23-4 1998 I*


Drachen Magazin german 0946-5545
SPORT & DESIGN drachen german 0945-5507
Fang den Wind german

Desperately seeking...

...nothing, at the moment, since I was finally able to obtain copies of "Asiatische Drachen" - from a friendly rec.kiter, BTW - and "Kiteworks".

Am I missing out on any must-have book on kiting? If you think so, let me know and send me an email

What I'd really like to have - but haven't been able to find yet - is a book devoted entirely to building techniques. I.e. what options are there for solving a particular design problem; what are the pros and cons of each method. Of course this book would be concerned only with single-liners (OK, maybe volume 2 is for sports kites :-) It wouldn't contain any specific plans but rather discuss the general characteristics of various types of kite: what makes them fly the way they do and how can the flying characteristics be influenced and improved. Kite Flight: Theory and Practise is a good start, but there's still a lot missing.

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