Change Log - What's New?

You don't have to hunt for cutesy icons on this site - instead just look at the table below and jump straight to any new item of interest.

01.11.09 Fort Worden 2007: Project Zoone's Sentinel kite, Kevin Sander's Shard, and the EO-6 from Prism
03.18.06 Fort Worden 2006: twisted log cabin kite, Corona, and Canard
05.01.05 Fort Worden 2005: Lepidoptera Freemanicus and Eyeclops
Potter Replica: I built this at an April 05 workshop at the World Kite Museum, Long Beach.
08.03.03 More Fort Worden kites: Flying Fish, chinese fertility kite, Firefly fighter kite
15.03.03 Some more pictures of my Fort Worden kites
05.03.03 Fort Worden 2003 and lots of new kites. Today I created the Mini-Mock page
25.12.02 It's been a while... Added pictures of the new vented Double Diamond and Woodtick
17.03.02 Added a page on the Sea Star line laundry
07.03.02 Added a page for my Stars and Stripes Eddy
06.03.02 New Fort Worden 2002 kite: Bargello Butterfly. Also added a plan for the 'Double Diamond'.
23.02.02 Updated my Rok page
19.08.01 Added a page on the helix spinner
07.08.01 Added a page on my new cellular kite 'Double Diamond'
04.08.01 Updated my ToDo page
6.07.01 Added a pic of Martin Lester's sea gull to the Martin Lester bird kites page
16.06.01 Added pictures of a Sea Gull and Fantasy Kite built according to my plans
03.06.01 Translated the Della Porta page
31.05.01 Added a page on my swarm of Pop Kans
15.05.01 Added Kite Flight: Theory and Practise to my book reviews
05.05.01 Updated the Para-Fauna page
Added info on the Buka to the fighter kites page
01.05.01 Revamped my fighter kites page: added subpages for Master Pan and Indian Fighter as well as a plan for the Indian Fighter
22.04.01 Added a page for the Bargello Noodle
29.04.00 Updated references to published plans
26.12.99 Added a link to the bamboo page created by Uli Wahl
01.12.99 Inserted background images to make things a bit more attractive; check out Sea Gull, Dragon Fly, and Rok
29.11.99 Plan for Sea Gull
11.10.99 Added link to low-cost centipede
24.09.99 More translations and minor corrections
30.05.99 Thai Dragon
25.05.99 PDF version of fantasy kite plan, thanks to Joachim Lang
02.11.98 Updated the Rowland's errata and building tips pages.
14.09.98 Plan for Fantasy Kite
10.08.98 Entire site is now available for download as a ZIP-file for offline browsing
29.07.98 Added pages for the Circoflex kite and para-fauna
13.07.98 Improved and updated my Rok page
26.06.98 Fixed links to Kai's Kite Site
03.05.98 Fixed links to Carl Crowell's stuff
09.03.98 Added link to "Hobby- und Modellbaumesse Leipzig" in my bio.
21.10.97 Rowland's Flowform: errata list and building tips
15.09.97 Removed pointers to workshop page
11.09.97 Added plans page - still very incomplete.
10.09.97 Added site map
09.09.97 Added the KiteRing link to home page
08.09.97 Finally scanned photos of my Pearson Roller and Eddy Variant.
I also added the picture of a Hewitt Flexkite to the seagull page, kite-ferry link and made some minor corrections.
01.09.97 Added a page for my Pearson Roller
03.07.97 Revamped my bookshelf page using tables
01.07.97 FDW added to bookshelf page
26.06.97 "Kiteworks" added to bookshelf page
22.06.97 Added a Guest Book
29.04.97 Added a picture of a chinese centipede to my Work in Progress page
25.04.97 Minor additions to chinese page; improved intra-site linking
16.04.97 Added a page on chinese kites
11.04.97 Added a page for my Eddy Variant
10.04.97 Added the Work in Progress page; extended some of the kite descriptions
08.04.97 Added some links; some cosmetic improvements
06.04.97 Major update of bookshelf page; updated Fantasy Kite page
19.11.96 Fixed broken Link to Peter Peter
17.11.96 My first batch of kite photos on the web and a bit of general polishing-up.
04.11.96 Made my online debut today!

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