Pfaff 1171

I bought this great little machine in 1999, second hand. Apparently it went out of production in 1991, but it is perfect for sewing kites. It includes the following neat features: Strangely, the modern top-of-the-line Pfaffs lack such basics as the bobbin control light or even the automatic needle-down feature. So I am glad I got this vintage machine and recommend it highly to all kite builders.

Kite Bag

I was sick of carrying a bundle of individual kite bags so I built myself a simple kite bag. It is made from 1050 denier nylon, has 2 zippered compartments, and 2 integrated fiberglass rods for support.

Stitching the decoration for the outside layer mirrored stitching 7K)
Completed decorations for left and right outside panels completed stitching (8K)
Assembled outside layer with carrying handles and straps assembled outside (11K)
Completed inside layer with zippers assembled inside (10K)
Completed and packed bag completed bag (16K)

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Last Updated: Jun 2, 2001