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October 31, 1996 -- Download the best interactive map of Manila ever made.

October 2,1996 -- Digi Product Launch during COMDDAP 96 at the Shangri-La Makati Hotel.

Mediasoft Technologies is now the Authorized Philippine distributor of DacEasy products(Asian Edition).

Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 and NT Workstation 4.0 has been finally released. Contact us for latest pricing. Check out our new product line as well.

We also sell KODAK Digital Camera and HP SureStore CD Writer.

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AlttavistaWinner of the C/Net Award for "Best Search Engine"


Infoseek GuideYour roadmap to the Internet! Search & Browse the Net for free!


Starting Point
Starting Point Everything you need to work the web, everyday

Below is a link that contains several links to other sites.

The Ultimate Industry Connection contains a list of links to a lot of Computer Hardware and Software companies around the world. Check it out.

Philippine Related Links:
The Internet has become very popular here in the Philippines and it is getting more popular each day. Below is a list of links which proves how important the Internet has become to the life of Filipinos. From the radio and TV stations, newspapers and magazines to schools and leisure activities here in the Philippines. The Philippines has really made its mark on the Internet.

Technology Advisor - newest and hottest I.T. reference magazine in town.
Philippine CyberSpace Review - the Philippine Web Directory.
Philippine Business On-Line - the first comprehensive source of Philippine news and information.
Business World - newspaper aimed towards the Filipino businessmen.
The Journal Group - biggest Philippine print media chain.(Peoples' Journal, Phil. Journal, People's Tonight, Women's Journal, Taliba)
Manla Times - Manila's daily newspaper.
ABS-CBN - one of the biggest television stations here in the Philippines.
RX93.1 - the first creative POP station.
Tanawing Pilipino - sights and Landmarks here in the Philippines.
Filipino Music Netlinks - your guide to Filipino music sources on the Net.
Equitable Bank - one of the Philippine's biggest banks.
Philippine Airlines - The country's biggest airlines.
DLSU (De La Salle University) - one of the country's biggest university.
Also stored in the DLSU server is a list of links about the Philippines. Links to general information about the Philippines, food hotels, even ISPs are listed here. Try it out. Everything you want to know about the Philippines is listed here.The web site address is
St. Luke's Medical Center Philippines - one of the country's most modern hospital
Malacanang Palace - The president's own web site. The White House of the Philippines.
Internet World Philippines - the biggest ever Internet conference in the Philippines.

This is just a small sample of how diversified the web sites are in the Philippines. Listing all of the web sites here in the Philippines would surely be at least 100 times longer. Just take a look at Altavista's search results are for the word 'Philippines'. This just shows that the Philippines is up to date with the current technology.

 Check it Out!Download Now! An Interactive Map of Manila. Get around Metro Manila. This program will not only guide the way to your destination but also tell you which is the shortest and cheapest way to get there. Developed by Jeremy Sy, Leonil Andal, Berrnardo Ngo Jr, and Aaron Irosido. Winners of the Best Thesis Award. Truly a big step forward for Information Technology in the Philippines.

comrade.zip(300K) -- Demo version of the Interactive Map.File checked for virus using the latest version of McAfee's Virus Scan.(Sept. 96) Order your copy of Virus Scan from Mediasoft

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