Biographies of all Your Favourite Parias

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Jonathan Riel

Jonathan (by Lackey Boy)
At 21 Jonathan is the eldest of the group. His maturity isnot just due to his age, however, his adoptive parents areactive thieves. Part of a strong underground across the worldJonathan was trained from an early age in the required skills ofhis parents' profession. He grew skilled despite a dishibilitating caraccident at age 10. To ensure their son's continued success,Jonathan's parents replaced his amputated arm with a cleverlydesigned bionic one. Of the most advanced technology, it remainedundetected even during a six month stay in a Government JuvenileDetention Centre (a result of a regretably botched robbery). Growingtired of a life of crime, Jonathan visited Europe trying out variousother careers. It was here that he was captured by Government agentsand brought back to Toronto. They believe he has the geneticability to bend light through photon manipulation; an ability whichcould explain his uncanny knack to escape detection while thiefing.

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India Weston

India (by Raven)

India was adopted by a well off family. A high achiever she hadattained her goal of attending M.I.T when her studies were rudelyinterupted by Scarab's machinations. Here, she has proven herselfin the two areas most importatn to engineering. Brains and Drinking.With a penchant for playing pool, poker (unknowinglyaided by her emerging telepathic abilities, her ability to sense truthbeing mistaken for intuition), and drinking unsuspecting men underthe table she does know how to have a good time.

My Only Love is a hopelessly romantic love story between a DV8 and India.

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Daemon O'Neil

Growing up in Jamica has certainly shaped Daemon's attitude towardslife. Unaware that he was adopted, he grew up in a warm and lovinghousehold. An avid soccer player, Daemon's athletic abilitiesled to a scholarship at Jamica State University. Not known for itsacademic standing; it's certainly a great place to have a greattime!(sun worship 101 perhaps!!) Daemon's popularity is due to hiswinning personality and the sense of humour which his adoptive parentshave fostered in him. Daemon's father is a old-fashioned politican and his mothera t.v. cooking guru, both beloved by the community. They were quitesupportive of Daemon when he announced, after much soul searching inbetween soccer matches, that he thinks he is gay.

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Moe Ravenwing

Moe (by Raven)

Under Government rule the tension between North America's indeginouspeople and the rest of her citizens has become even more strained.Perhaps this is why Moe keeps her defenses up, resulting in a mistakenappearance of coldness. Raised on a heavily patrolled reservation inNorthern Ontario, she was the adoptive child of the entire band afterbeing left on their "doorstep". She is very spiritual and fiercely loyal,character traits common to her collective parents. She left thereservation on a spriritual journey, trying to determine her placein the world. Eventually her abilities will allow her to readpsychic impressions from the environment around her, but for nowher ededic memory makes her a powerful ally.

Freedom's Child is an ongoing story about Moe's life before she was captured by Scarab.

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Lindsey Whittaker-Fiske

Lindsey (by Lackey Boy)

Brought up by a famous diplomat, Lindsey and his sister Dylan led asheltered life of boarding schools and holidays with the parentals.The constant moving from one country to the next, combined withLindsey's handicap, caused the twosiblings to become best of friends. When their parents were killedin an automobile accident the two became even closer. Lindsey was lookingforward to the end of his boarding school career when he received thenews that his sister had disapeared. Independently wealthy, he had decidedto use all of his funds to find her when he was captured by Scarab'sforces. The typical Euro slacker tech-head, Lindsay is a dilligenthacker with a bad attitute towards the institution. Luckily hisangst ridden life is saved by sense of humour which does occasionallyshow itself.

Heartache is an ongoing story aboutLindsey and his struggle to find his sister.

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Lexi Finnegann

Lexi (by Raven)

The youngest of our earstwhile heros and the only one to never beadopted, Lexi had just left her last foster home when she wasapprehended by General Fox in a nasty Chuckie Cheese incident. This head case, like a lot of negelected childrentries to get attention through outrageous behaviour (and an imagination to match). Combining this with the fact that she is unburdened by morals of any kind -often lands her, and everyone else in trouble.Potentially her powers are that of teleportation. Of course what she will do with it remains to been seen...

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