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This has some of the best Jubilee /Wolverine stories around!
Perriverse Publications

Looking for some more on the Web comics? And (believe it or not - some of them are a tad more profesional then ours *gasp*! Could it be?)
Comics N' Stuff

Here is the mother of all indexes of fan fiction pages, courtsey of Kielle at
CFAN - The Comic Fanfiction Authors Network

Another fan fic page ! This one specialising in GenX fanfic. Check it out at
Mirage's Generation X FanFics Archive!

Darqstar's Page of fan fiction (which includes a story about her character Siku and the Parias) at
The Shifting Sands

A personal page about Min's hobbies and displays her fan fiction and fanart, and other stuff.

This page isn't fanfic but it is a must see for all! Check out the directory for links to some really froody pages!
Nrrd Grrl!

Goths! Goths! Jim is a goth who seems destined to meet with some strange people from various T.V. shows. Check out Jim's Keep

Gratitous shot of Lindsey:

Friends's true.
We have only a few friends.
Terry's Place He's got lot's of weird literature about love and hate and nasty relationships. And stuff.

Hawn's Paper Bag Fantasy Neat page with pictures of Winnie the Pooh, Temple of the Weak Tigers and the Little Prince.

Home of the Assenav Poppy's little sister's home page (sob, they get so old so fast). The queen of the stream of conciousness.

Juggernaut! Here's an old time net friend of ours! Who's also a fan-boy :) Go check out his page!

Home page of the OaSys class which is lucky (or is it unlucky Nika?) to count us among its members.

Fanboy shot of India

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