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The Captain Guffaw webpage was started several months ago. It has gone through a lot of changes in that time, and will continue to change far into the future.We would like to thank those of you who have visited this site repeatedly or sent in feedback, and urge anyone with a comment or something humorous to E-mail us. 

The Captain Guffaw Mission Statement

The fine people at Captain Guffaw developed this site for a single reason - to provide a location with the best of the best of humour. What this means to the average Netizen such as yourself is that you'll be given the finest of humour that we can manage to dig up, as well as a list of the humorous sites and humour archives that have shown themselves to be the finest and funniest on the 'Net. Now, to get to the humour.

The Captain Guffaw Website

Currently, the fine people at Captain Guffaw are looking for a number of things to help our website become even better. The one major thing that we are looking for, however, is...

Stuff that is funny.

If you think you can help us with anything, e-mail us and if we use your contribution, you'll get your name posted in our special thanks page.

The Humour

The Links

Some of the funniest sites on the web!

Special Thanks

Captain Guffaw has been helped by a great number of people... Donate something humerous, and if we use it, you get your name on our page!


Any contributions made by Netizens will be posted here. Got an opinion on anything posted here? That E-mail address isn't just for decoration.

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