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Name Description
Welcome It is this page ya beeh peepin' at.
Wuzzup Page Tha page where ya beeh able tah drop meeh a line.
Fo Dub One Tha page where ya can get tha 411 on meeh.
Family Page Tha page that meeh beeh droppin' a line tah mah family.
Homiez Page Tha page that meeh dropz a line tah tha homiez.
Poemz This beeh tha focus of this site. Learn lil' 'bout poems.
Ringz PageTha page that showz all tha ringz meeh in.
Linkz Page Tha page that gotz linkz tah places.

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If yah see sumtin' not wurkin' or yah gotz sumtin ta say pleez email meeh at

or dropz meeh a line in tha Wuzzup Page and say what ya gotz to say. Thanx!!

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