Welcome to Kay2000's room!:-)
You are the
person to enter my room. :)
Hi  and welcome to my room. I hope you like it.!
This is the first homepage that I have made but it was fun trying to make it.
My interests are:
Playing on the computer, being with friends and family,
going to the Wissota stock car races almost every Sunday
night with my two brothers. I also enjoy playing with my
puppy-dog, Pugsley.
The description of my page is:
Well I am not quite done so you will just have to come in
again at a later time and see the finished project for yourself. :-)
Email me at baudus@usd.edu or at kay2000rules@hotmail.com in the meantime.
Please come back and visit me soon : )
Read my Dreambook!

my Dreambook!

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