Chelle's UK:1 Meet
Ok you lot , listen up , this is Chelle's meet , aka Sweetness_Gurl_ so any details you want that are not on here already E-mail her and not piggin me. Hehe , i have such a nice disposition don't i. It's been a good long while since there was a UK1 meet and there is probably a very good reason for that , most of them only get day release as a rule and a whole weekend out in the community has not been tried since 2000. Ahhhhh those were the days , men shagging women , women shagging women , men shagging more women , women bitching cos their men are shagging other women , men shagging animals (uk:1 dregs , you know who you are ) and then of course there was a small amount of alcohol consumed. All in all though meets are a good time to be had by all , Meet the weirdos you talk to everyday , i fookin dare ya!!!
Nottingham (fook knows why)
August 11th - August 13th (Only time Kerry can't make it)
Chelle needs a new victim (male or female she aint fussy)
Confirmed Chatters that are gonna be there
Sweetness_gurl aka Chelle ,
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