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The Goddess Venus at Philly Pride Parade 2005

Greetings, potential worms. All are welcome here, but be nice! If you misbehave or show any disrespect, you will be severely disciplined. I do not want to have to hurt you...or do I? Send e-mail by kissing My Sweet Goddess lips at the bottom of the page. Yes, those are actually My lips. Be polite and use your spell checker when you write, as I have no tolerance for insolent worms who cannot spell...As nothing more than a mere worm under My heels, you should be honored that I offer you the opportunity to e-mail Me at all. Should you want to gain My favor, e-mail Me and I can tell you how you can be useful to Me.

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The Goddess loves to take your hard-earned money in any way possible. Here is yet another option for you to try to please The Goddess. (Oooohhh! I DO make your miserable lives worthwhile, don't I?) Purchase Me GIFT CERTIFICATES so that I can shop. Let Me help you to chisel away at your savings! Gift certificates can be sent to My email address: ladyvenus@femdom.com or to My snail mail address. This address is: Lady Venus, 340 West DeKalb Pike #313, King of Prussia, PA 19406.

I command you to bow down and worship at My lovely Goddess feet.

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