Friends of Faith No More

Hello all you peoples out there!! My name is Chris Wilbraham and I decided to create this webpage when I, as usual, checked CACA VOLANTE to get my daily details about my favorite band FAITH NO MORE, and was shocked to learn that after 15 wonderful years, they had finally broken up. Well what I plan to do on this page is to look back on Faith No More and give my views and opinions on the albums, band members, etc. In the light of FNM's breakup, the future is looking bright for most of the members of FNM. Mike Patton is starting a new band called FANTOMAS, which will be the main focus for me over the next few months, to see what unfolds, because I am a die-hard Patton fan. Roddy Bottum's band IMPERIAL TEEN is still very much alive and is planning to release a new album this summer. Who knows what Puffy is up to these days after touring with Ozzy. And Billy---I know you love the internet--I really would like to hear what you are planning to do--so please e-mail me if you can. To say the least, I am very excited to here the future sounds and epics of all the members of FNM.

This page is obviously under construction.

Please me at if you have any questions or if you can provide me with absolutely any information. Thank You!!!

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