If you're here most likely you already know me in some way, shape, or form. My real name is Jeremy R. Lindner and this is my second webpage. I think I've done well so far and I have some good ideas for more stuff. So stay tuned for updates. My guestbook is a piece of crap so please email ME


Full Name: Jeremy Richard Lindner 
Nicknames: Superman, Guido Gambino , Tu Geez , X-Man , Dragon, Jingo , Jerm(y), Sidewinder36. 
Description: Quasi-genius, optimistic, caring, blah blah blah.....basically I'm just 
a nice guy that is generally pretty easy to get along with that just happens to also 
be a 5'10", 150 lb (all solid) tall, dark, and you know the rest...beefcake!!!  
I have "Sublime" tattooed across my back, and six other tattoos.  Check it!
Birthday: May 17, 1980, Heidelberg, Germany
Hometown: None really...I moved around so much
High school: Mannheim H.S. (Go Bison!!!) and Ellison H.S., Killeen, TX (Go Eagles!!!)
Current school: None.  I went to Texas Christian University (Go Horned Frogs!!!) 
for a year.
Best friends (in no particular order): Ramona, Vivian, Ben, Ian, Jeff, Anne, Denise, Michelle, Sheena, J.R., Jill, Joe, Quincy, Joe Pagnotta, Efren Ordaz wherever he is, 
Rachel Racicot, David Moore, Matt Ligon, Jason Kirby.  My college roommate and home slice  is 
Chad Childers...the funniest dude on Earth!!!  O.C. Posse!!!  My brother from  college is 
Jared Hooker.  My boy from basic and AIT is Steve Reid.  My big brothers here at Hood are 
James and SGT Hunt and Edison.  My "little" brother is Justin.
Job: I'm enlisted in the Army and I'm a crewchief for AH-64D Apache Attack helicopters.  (This is a picture of an A model Apache.)  I am a sergeant and
a C Co Sidewinder.  Engage the Hot Spot!
Things I like to do: Party, play sports, watch movies, listen to music, write music, record 
music, make mixed CDs, etc.
Coolest experience: My best times so far have been winning the regional wrestling 
championship and getting All-Conference for soccer (both in my sophomore year).  There have 
been lots of good times and there are more to come.  
Each and every TCU football game was a trip...especially our excursion up to Colorado.
Some things about being in the Army are a real rush.  It's really changed me.  I'm seriously a 
trained killer now...a lean, mean fighting machine.  I've had alot of great times with my friends here at Fort Hood.
Character traits I look for in a person: Humor, honesty (sometimes brutal), caring
Little known talent you possess: I can write rap lyrics ...and I've been told they're pretty 
damn good too!!!  And I've recorded them.
Future goals: Find true happiness, go back to college.
Fave color: Blue, red, green, purple, orange.  My fav 
color combo used to be 
camoflage...then I joined the Army.  Now I have an affinity towards navy and orange, although I like all sorts of colors and color combinations.
Fave food: Chinese, Greek, German, Pasta, Mexican, etc.
Least favorite food: I don't know.  There are a few things that make me gag...like celery.  
Fave subject: Philosophy
Fave Team or Individual Sport: Soccer.  Lots of favorite teams, such as D.C. United, Chelsea 
F.C., Real Madrid, and Inter Milan.  The Chicago Bulls...pre-crappy era!!!  The Spurs!  The 
Yankees, the Jets, and the Titans!
Other Sports I enjoy: Almost anything...especially football and basketball.
Other things I like to do: Hmmm...let me think...
Sports I like to watch: Soccer (pretty much anyone), basketball, football (especially TCU 
Favorite music: I listen to almost everything except for country ...some favorites are 
hip-hop/rap (Wu-Tang Clan, Beastie Boys, DMX, Eminem, etc.), "alternative" (Sublime, LBD 
All-Stars, 311, Kid Rock, Blink182 etc.). I also like (in no particular order) Chemical Brothers, U2, 
Limp Bizkit, Jimi Hendrix, R. Kelly, Joe, Carl Thomas, Sisquo and almost anything else you want to 
throw at me.  I love music that you can dance to and I also have a thing for musicals!
Favorite movie(s): Braveheart, Blade, Last of the Mohicans, Highlander Endgame, etc.  Anything 
with Bruce Lee or Jet Li.
Fave numbers: 2, 36, 9, 7
Boxers or briefs: I wear boxers for the most part but I will go with boxer briefs sometimes.
Siblings: One sister, Sara.  She is the best sister a brother could ask for!  Check this 
picture of my family...I'm sure it is the last.  Here is a picture of my mom and Terry.
Pets: Our beautiful puppy, Hap

See some pictures of Me (Beefcake beefcake beefcake!)
Here are some of my Army Pics
Or try some of Friends
I have alot of good pics of My Family
Have a look at some of my Soccer Pics
I also have some Wrestling Pics from my sophomore year in high school.
Check out some songs written by me!!!
Here are a few of my drawings!!!
If you even remotely like Sublime then please check this out!!!
Here is a section of my random witicisms. If you want a little more insight into how I think check out Deep Thoughts...By Jeremy
Enter the Dragon Here is a page on Bruce Lee...the man, the legend

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ESPN.com The United States Army DMX

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"It is like a finger pointing a way to the moon...don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory!"--Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon

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