We are a ska band from southern maine. We've only played a few shows, but we're working on it. Cool bands we like: The O.C. Supertones, Squirrel nut zippers, Rage, 311, MxPx, Skankin Pickle{rip}, Sublime{rip}, No doubt, The W's, The Aqua Bats, Less then Jake, Five Iron Frenzy and The mighty mighty bosstones.
Our current roster is: John Stearns: Drums, Alto sax, bgvs. Ryan Conrad Bean: Tenor Sax, vocals.
Jarrod Bishop: Trombone, bgvs. Jason Clark: guitar.
Aaron Edwards: Bass, bgvs. Jason Briner: Trumpet, bgvs.

As most of you know Tlf has since disbanded, but we have a farwell album ready to go. Its a five original song EP{on cd}, but if you listen real hard you may find a few crazy extras. If you want a copy please email me {TheLunaticFringe@hotmail.com} and I'll get back to you. Depending on production costs they'll probably sell for about $6.50{plus shipping}. If you really have no idea what we sound like check out the music page for a couple samples of the finished CD. Keep on skankin'

Ryan's fringe auto-biography in posted on the stuff and things page check it out.....

!!!!Samples of the CD on the music page!!!! Go get'em!!!

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