MY Art page, not YOURS, but MINE! >=D

Well,  once more, it's a new year.  Not just a new year, but a new Millennium.
I was rather disappointed when the Eiffel Tower didn't melt like I thought it would with all those fireworks on it =P  Aaaanywho.  There's a few changes now.  Pending my completion of previously requested Commisions, they will no longer be free.  There will be a charge for them yes, but it's a reasonable price.  I hope that some of you would like a reasonably priced commision.  Anywho, another new thing, I've restarted my comics.  The old one was just... going nowhere.  Sorry to all those furs I've disappointed by not featuring them in it, but I just lost the inspiration to complete that one...  The pages will stay up, but there will be no further work on them.  Thank you.



1/11/00 - 2 more commisions added, INCLUDING ONE IN COLOR!!! HOLY CRAP!!!

Onward, my friend, scope out my comics!

Pics of the FurryMUCK ME done by my friends! =D

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A little info about myself as well as my characters on FurryMUCK

WOOHOO!!!  500 HITS!!!  I am impressed.  You all like my work THAT much to keep coming back? =D Thanks to everyone that visited my page, even if by accident! :)

So far, I've taken... err... this page has had