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I have just updated my list . All audio items are now available on CDR.I have also added notations to show what type of audio source material I will be using when copying the items listed. In other words, if I have the item on cassette tape or vinyl, it will be noted as such here.All audio items not marked as being from a vinyl or cassette tape source are from CD/CDR sources.Along with The Beatles,I also presently trade for the following artists:Johnny Cash,Eric Clapton,BillyJoel,Elton John,Simon And Garfunkel,and The Beach Boys
The list for these artists will appear after my Beatles list. .

Beatles Audio And Video List

New Arrivals

Get Back:The Camera B Rolls(24 CDs)
Down In Havana
The John Barrett Cassette Dubs Volumes 1-7(7CDs)
Dr. Winston O'Boogie(2CDs)
Paul McCartney Live In Washington 2002(2CDs)
John And Yoko's Year Of Peace(55 Minutes, Quality =A)
Beatles-As It Happened-4CD Interview Set
In The Studio-The White Album(2 CD Set-Paul and George Interviewed about the White Album along with selections from the album
Eric Clapton-One More Car, One More Rider-2Cd Set From the 2001 Tour

Get Back Sessions:

The Twickenham Sessions(8CD Set)(L:65-73 Minutes per disc,SQ=A)
Thirty Days:The 'New'Tracks: All The Tracks From Vigotone's 17 CD Set That Have Never Been Released Before!(6CDs:L=60-65 min per CD,Sq+A-B)
In A Play Anyway(Let It Be Soundtrack)(L:90 Min,SQ: B)vinyl
Let It Be Rehearsals Vol. 2(All Things Must Pass Electric Set)
Let It Be Rehearsals Vol.3(All Things Must Pass Acoustic Set)
Let It Be Sessions Vol. 3(L:60 Min,SQ:A)cassette tape
'69 RehearsalsVol.1-3(L:Vol.1:61:58,Vol2:58:46,Vol 3:59:07,SQ:A)cassette tape
Sweet Apple Tracks Vol.1(L:45 Min,SQ:B)vinyl
Get Back Journals Vol. 1(8CD Set)cassette tape
Get Back JournalsVolII(8CDSet)L:CD1:73:38,CD2:71:04,CD3:73:05,CD4:70:58,CD5:70:36,CD6:71:22,CD7:72:25,CD8:72:10,SQ:A)cassette tape
Get Back To Toronto(L:50 Minutes,SQ:B)vinyl
Jammin' With Heather(L:52:10,SQ:A)
The 1st,2nd,and 3rd Recorded Hours Of The 'Let It Be' Sessions(L:60-65 minutes per volume,SQ:A)cassette tape
Rock And Roll(L:65 Minutes,SQ:A)cassette tape
The Real Case Has Just Begun(L:60 Min,SQ:A)cassette tape
Leaning On A Lamppost(L:64:18,SQ:A)
Complete Rooftop Concert(L:68:08,SQ:A)
Classified Document III(L:50 min,SQ:B)cassette tape
Corn Of The Apple(L:57:51,SQ:A)cassette tape
Singing The Blues(L:50 Minutes,SQ:B)vinyl
Have You Heard The Word?(L:50 Minutes,SQ:B)vinyl version
Rockin' Movie Stars Vol. 4(L:60:48,SQ:B)cassette tape
Songs From The Past Vol. 2(L:60 Min,SQ:A)cassette tape
Posters,Incense, And Strobe Candles(L:55 Min,SQ:A-)vinyl
Get Back:The Glyn Johns Final Mix(L:60 Min,SQ:A)cassette tape

BBC Tapes:

The Complete BBC Sessions-Upgraded(10 CDs)
Attack Of The Filler Beebs ,Episodes 1-4(4 CD Set)(L:65 min per CD,SQ=A/B)
From Us To You:A Parlophone Rehearsal(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:B-)vinyl
Beatles At The Beeb(1983 Radio Special)(Length:180 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)vinyl
The Beatles BBC Tapes(1990 Radio Special)(Length:360 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
Wonderful Picture Of You(Length:90 Minutes,Sound Quality:C)vinyl
Beautiful Dreamer(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)vinyl
Beatles At The Beeb Vol. 8(Pyramid Records)(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)vinyl
The Complete BBC Tapes (Great Dane)(9 CD Set)((Length:CD1:71:58,CD2:77:55,CD3:70:55,CD4:66:57,CD5:71:13,CD6:72:41,CD7:65:35,CD8:51:20,CD9:67:37,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
Here We Go(Length:15Minutes,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
Radio Active Vol 2,5,&9

Cavern Club Rehearsals And Decca Audition Tapes:

Beatles May 1960 Rehearsals(Length:80 Minutes,Sound Quality:B-)cassette tape
Deccagone Sessions(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)vinyl
Cavern Club Rehearsals(Length:25 Minutes,Sound Quality:B-)cassette
The Complete Decca Tapes(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)cassette tape
Silver Beatles(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)vinyl

Concert Tapes:

Australian Tour 1964(Yellow Dog Records 2CD Set,L:CD1:73:10, CD2:73:01,SQ=A)
The Complete Rooftop Concert(Yellow Dog 2CD Set,L:CD1:67:59,CD2:59:39,SQ=A)
The Lost Paris Tapes
The Beatles At Adelaide And Melbourne:1964(L:65 Min,SQ:A)
The Beatles At The Beeb TV(L:60 Min.SQ:A)
The Beatles With Jimmy Nichol(L:60 Min,SQ:A)
Beatles '66(Length:30 Minutes,Sound Quality:B-)vinyl
Live At A Judo Arena(Length:40 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)vinyl
Vancouver'64(Length:90 Minutes, Sound Quality:B to B-)vinyl
Paris'65(Length:55 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)vinyl
Air Time:Sweedish TV. 1963(Length:25 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)vinyl
Youngblood:Christmas Show 1963(Length:30 Minutes,Sound Quality:B-)vinyl
Indianapolis'64(Length::40 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
San Francisco'66(Length: 25 Minutes,Sound Quality:B-)cassette tape
Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts(Yellow Dog And Midnight Beat)(Length:Yellow Dog CD:68:02,Midnight Beat CD1:74:03,CD2:67:34,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
Shea At Last(Length:30 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)vinyl
The Beatles Live-Ticket To Ride(Length:90 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
The Ultimate Live Collection Vol.1(2CD Set)(Length:CD1:69:49,CD2:68:05,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
Live In Atlanta Whiskey Flat(Length:30 Minutes,Sound Quality:B-)vinyl
Ruling Queen Elizabeth II(Live In The U.K. 1962-1965) Disc 1(Length 65 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
Pollwinners Go To Blackpool(Length:60 Minutes,Sound Quality:B to B-)cassette tape
Circus Krone,Munich ,Germany,1966(Length:30 Minutes,Sound Quality:B-)cassette tape
De Beatles Tussen De Bollen(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:D)cassette tape
Road Runner(Length:65 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)r
Crazy Shows(Length:50:51,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
Sam Houston Collisseum Concert,1965(Length: 60 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape

White Album Sessions:

Off White '67(Length:60 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)cassette tape
Off White Vol. 1-3(Length:Each Volume-60 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
Revolution(Length:71:17,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
Gone Tomorrow,Here Today(Length:51:34,Sound Quality:A)
The Peter Sellers Tape(Length:43:53,Sound Quality:A)
Unsurpassed Demos(Length:69:17,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape

Studio Sessions:

Songs For Eleanor(Silent Sea 2CD Set,L:,SQ=A)cassette tape*
Mythology Vol. 1(Strawberry Records,3CD Set,L:CD1:64:49,CD2:68:11,CD3:72:04-SQ=A)
Mythology Vol.2(Strawberry Records,4CD Set,L:CD1:70:50,CD2:72:46,CD3:71:22,CD4:70:47,SQ=A)
Sink In The Can New!(L:40:47,SQ:A/B)
4 OthersSQ=D
Another Sessions....Plus(Vigotone CD: Length:55 Minutes: Sound Quality:A)
Finest Collectors(2 CD Set)(Length: CD1 68:11,CD2: 71:05,Sound Quality:A)
2/11/63 Studio Sessions(Length:60-65 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
3/5 and 9/4/63 Studio Sessions(Length:51:54,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
Studio Sessions-1964(Length:60 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
Studio Sessions-1965-1966(Length:65 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
Backtracks Vol. 1-3(Length:Each Volume:65 Minutes,Sound Quality:A to B)Volume 1-vinyl,Vol 2&3 cassette tape
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 1-7(Length:Vol.1:53:38,Vol.2:56:13,Vol.3:58:33,Vol. 4:58:16,Vol.5:57:59,Vol. 6:57:28,Vol.7:61:14,Sound Quality:A)-Vol 1-5-cassette tape 6&7 CD
Not Guilty(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)vinyl
More Sweet Apples(Length:78:35,Sound Quality:A)
The Lost Pepperland Reel(Length:55:41,Sound Quality:A to B)cassette tape
It's Not Too Bad(Length:70 Minutes,Sound Quality:A to B)cassette tape
The Longest Road-Artifacts II Disc 4(Length:65 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)
A Knight's Hard Day(Length:50 MinutesEnglish Summer(Length:65 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
No. 3 NW8(Length:60 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape-vinyl version(Audifon Records)
Finest Collectors(2CD Set)(Length:CD1:68:11,CD2:71:05,Sound Quality:A)
The Alternate Hey Jude Album(Length:74 Minutes,Sound Quality:A to B)
Nothing Is Real(Length: 35 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)cassette tape
Turn Me On Dead Man(Length:120 Min,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape


George And John On David Frost Show-1968(Length:25 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)cassette tape
Paul On David Frost Show-12-27-67(Length:25 Minutes,Sound Quality B)cassette tape
John And Paul In NewYork,1968(Includes 'Tonight Show' Appearance)(Length:50 Minutes,Sound Quality:A to B)cassette tape
The Beatles In India(Length:20 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)cassette tape
20X4(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:B to B-)vinyl
Rough Notes(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:B to B-)vinyl
To Be Expected(Length:65 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)*
Artifacts III Discs3&4(Length:Disc3:65 Minutes,Disc4:60 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
Top Of The Pops(Length: 35 Minutes,Sound Quality B)cassette tape
The Beatles Mythology-Strawberry Records Vol.3(3CD Set)(L:60-65 minutes per disc,SQ=A)

Radio Shows

Ringo's Yellow Submarine:25 CDs Ringo's 1983 Radio Series(L:60 Minutes Per CD,SQ=A)
The Fab Fourth(Radio Show Hosted By Mick Fleetwood)(Length:90 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)cassette tape
The Days In Their Lives (30 CDs,Length:50-55 minutes per CD,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
The Beatle Years-Episodes 1-12(Length:Each Episode:50 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape

Interview Tapes:

Don't Touch That Dial!-Radio Caroline Interview-1966(L:62:13, SQ=A)
Talk Downunder Vol. 1&2(Length:50 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)vinyl
Moviemania(See Cicadelic Series)vinyl
Not A Second Time(See Cicadelic Series)vinyl
Hear The Beatles Tell All(Length:40 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)vinyl
The Beatles Tapes(David Wigg Interviews)(Length:120 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)vinyl
The Word(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)vinyl
Things We Said Today(See Cicadelic Series)vinyl
The Gospel According To The Beatles(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)vinyl
The British Are Coming(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)vinyl
Here,There,And Everywhere(See Cicadelic Series)vinyl
All Our Loving(See Cicadelic Series)vinyl
West Coast Invasion(See Cicadelic Series)vinyl
East Coast Invasion(See Cicadelic Series)vinyl
Talk With Jerry G(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)vinyl
From Britain With Beat(See Cicadelic Series)vinyl
'Round The World(See Cicadelic Series)vinyl
The Beatles Conquer America(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)vinyl
The Beatles In Their Own Words(5CD Set)(Length:Each Volume:65-70 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)
TheLostBeatlesInterviews(5CD Set)(Length:Each Volume:65-70 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)
Rare Interviews And Pictures(Best Buy) Vol. 1-3(Length:Each Volume:60 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)
Cicadelic series
All Cicadelic Series Interview Discs are 60 Minutes in Length and the Sound Quality Grade is A-vinyl
Fun With The Fab Four
Beatles Cartoons
Live At The BBC Electronic Press Kit
Tom Vitucci's Video Collection,part 1:Consisting of the following Beatles(group and solo) videos: 1. Pathe Newsreel-Beatles Come To Town 2. Paul:Maybe I'm Amazed 3. Paul:Mary Had A Little Lamb-Studio Version 4. Paul:My Love 5. Paul:Mull Of Kintyre-Farm Version 6. Paul:That'll Be The Day-Quarrymen version with a Paul Interview 7.Paul: Ebony And Ivory-With Stevie Wonder 8.Paul: Waterfalls 9.Paul: Coming Up 10.Paul: London Town 11.Paul: Ebony And Ivory-Solo Version 12. Interview With Paul About John's Death 13.Paul: Yesterday-1976 Tour 14.John:Instant Karma-(Yoko Holding Cards-Film Version 15. Luck Of The Irish Rehearsal-John and Yoko,1972 16. John:Look At Me(German T.V. 'You Are Here' Exhibition) 17. John and Yoko:Everybody Had A Hard Year-1968 18. George:True Love 19. George:This Song 20. George:Blow Away 21. George:Dark Horse 22.Ringo:No No Song(Smothers Brothers Show 23.Ringo: You Don't Know Me 24. Ringo:Tonight 25. Ringo:Hey Baby 26. Beatles:A Hard Day's Night Film Trailers 27.Beatles: Hollywood Bowl '64 28.Beatles: Bournemouth '63 29.Beatles: Unknown '64 30.Beatles: Cleveland '64 and '66 31.Beatles: Chicago '66(Silent) 32 Beatles.Memphis '66(Silent)33. Beatles: Candlestick Park '66(Silent) 34.John:Instant Karma-With Yoko Knitting and Video Version With Yoko Holding Cards Length Of Entire Video:125 Minutes,Quality Grade:A/B
Tom Vitucci's Video Collection,Part 2:Consisting Of The Following videos:1. George And Ravi Shankar-Yin And Yang-VH1 2. George And Ravi Shankar-CBS This Morning 3. George:Nassau Collisseum,1974 4. George:Madison Square Garden,1974(Silent) 5. Ringo:Simple Life AdsJapanese T.V. 6. Jerry Lewis Telethon-Ringo And Bill Wyman 7. News Reports On Ringo's House Burning 8.Paul:BBC Reports On The Prince's Trust Concert 9. Beatles:Kansas City (Silent) 10. John And Ringo Getting In A Limo In Front Of The Dakota(Silent) 11.Paul: Save The Child-Promo From Liverpool Oratorio 12.John And Yoko-Manhattan Cable T.V. Interview-Mid 70's 13. Paul:Get Fresh-Phone Interview concerning'Press To Play' 14. John:Ronnie Hawkins Promo 1970 15.John: Look At Me(From German T.V.) 16 Beatles:.Paperback Writer/ Rain Rehearsals 1966 17. Various Beatle Newsreels Length Of Entire Video:125 Minutes,Quality Grade:A/B
The Beatles In San Francisco 1966(L:1 Hour,Quality=A)
A Hard Day's Night(Length:90min,Quality Grade:A)
The Making Of 'A Hard Day's Night'(Length:60min,Quality Grade:A)
Help(Length:90 min,Quality Grade:A)
Magical Mystery Tour(Length:60min,Quality Grade:A)
Let It Be/Let It Be Outtakes(Length:Let It Be-90min,Outtakes-60min, Quality Grade:Let It Be-A-,Outtakes-B)
Let It Be Outtakes,Vol 2(L:60 Min,Quality Grade:B-)
The Making Of Sgt. Pepper(Length:60min,Quality Grade:A)
The Compleat Beatles(Length:120 min,Quality Grade:A)
The Beatles Live At Budokhan 1966(Length:60min,Quality Grade:B-)
The Beatles:Their First U.S. Visit(Length:90min,Quality Grade:A)
The Complete Ed Sullivan Appearances(Length:120min,Quality Grade:B)
The Beatles A&E Biography Special(Length:60min,Quality Grade:B)
The Beatles Unauthorized (Length:60min,Quality Grade:A)
The Beatles:A Celebration((Length:60min,Quality Grade:A)
8-Track Flashback(Beatles In The 70's) VH1(Length:30min,Quality Grade:A)
Beatles At Shea Stadium(Length,60 Min,Quality Grade:A)
Beatles Live At Palais Des Sports 1965(Length:45 Min,Quality Grade:A-)
Beatles Live At Circus Krone,Munich,Germany(Length:30 Min;Quality Grade:B)
Beatles NMe Pollwinners Concert(Length,45 Min,Quality Grade:B)
Beatles Sing For Shell(Australian T.V.1964 Length:60 Min,Quality Grade:B)
Beatles Drop In(Sweedish T.V.,1963,Length:20 Min, Quality Grade:B)
Beatles On Dutch T.V. 1963(Length:45 Min,Quality Grade:A-)
Beatles In Japan 1966-Dark Suits Concert(Length:30 Min,Quality Grade:B)

Beatle Related Videos:Sean Lennon On CNN And David Letterman Show 1998(Length:40 Min.,Quality Grade:A)
Other Artists Audio And Video Lists

Johnny Cash:
Audio Tapes
American Demos-cassette tape
Cumberland Music Festival-8/25/90
Hippest Granddad Around-9/17/95-cassette tape
Unsurpassed American Recordings-cassette tape

An All-Star Tribute To Johnny Cash(Length:120 Minutes,Quality Grade:A)
Legends:VH1(Length:60 Minutes,Quality Grade:A)
VH1 Storytellers(With Willie Nelson)(Length:60 Minutes,Quality Grade:A)
Johnny Cash Talks To Ralph Emery(Length:60 Minutes,Quality Grade:A)
Johnny Cash In New York City-VH1
A&E Biography

Eric Clapton:
Derek And The Dominoes-The Miami Sessions
Blind Faith:Winterland 1969(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)cassette tape
Oklahoma City 11/16/76-cassette tape
Dallas 11/15/76-cassette tape
Compton Terrace,7/21/85(Length:80 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)cassette tape
Spiritual Home Chicago Illinois 1998(2CDs)Eric Clapton Anthology Volumes 1-5 Cassette Tape Videos
24 Nights(Length:120 Minutes,Quality Grade:A)
Eric Clapton And Friends(From 1985 Tour)(Length:120 Minutes,Quality Grade:A)
From The Cradle(Length:60 Minutes,Quality Grade:A)
Unplugged(Length:60 Minutes,Quality Grade:A)
Rarities(Length:60 Minutes,Quality Grade:A)
Legends(Length:60 Minutes,Quality Grade:A)

Billy Joel
VH1 Storytellers(Length:60 Minutes,Quality Grade:A)
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction 1999(Length:180 Minutes,Quality Grade:A)
Family Production Demos-Early 70's(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
Stranger and 52nd Street Outtakes(Length:45 Minutes,Sound Quality:A)cassette tape
Bottom Line 6/10/76(L.:180 Minutes,SQ:A)cassette tape
Billy Joel And Elton John:Live In Glasgow,1998(3CD Set)(Length:55-60 Minutes Per CD,Sound Quality:A)
Songbook,1993Elton John
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction 1999(Length:180 Minutes,Quality Grade:A)
Divas Live 1999(Length:120 Minutes,Quality Grade:A)

Simon and Garfunkel:
The Concert In Central Park(Length:120 Minutes,Quality Grade:A)
Paul Simon On TheDickCavettShow(Length:30Minutes,QualityGrade:A)
NewYork1966(Length:60MinutesSoundQuality:B)cassette tape
HollywoodBowl,LosAngeles,California,8/23,68(Length:90Minutes,SoundQuality:A)cassette tape
Paris-1970(L:65 minutes,SQ=A)*
Bridge Over Troubled Water-QuadMixes(L:65 Minutes,SQ=A)Crosby.Stills,Nash,AndYoung
Detroit-11/16/69(Length:75 Minutes,Sound Quality:B)cassette tape
LAForum1970(Length:45Minutes,SoundQuality:B)cassette tape
The Beach Boys
The Smile Album
The Live Box(3CD Set)
Live In Sacremento
The Smile Sessions Vol. 1-3

Latest Arrivals:
Creedence Clearwater Revival:Woodstock-1969
Paul Simon-Unplugged-1993

Please See The Following Pages For Solo Beatle Material
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Photographs Of Every Beatle Head I've Had The Pleasure To Know

Trading Rules:
Audio Tapes
1.Use Maxell XLII or TDK SA Tapes
2.No High-Speed Dubbing
3.Include Setlists Whenever possible
Use Maxell videocassettes
I will do 2 for 1 trading on both the audio and video tapes
If you wish to trade audiotapes for videotapes,I will accept 3 audios for 1 video
Please come back and visit me soon,because I will be updating this list upon receiving new tapes
If you wish to set up a trade,please e-mail me at :

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