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Melanie Safka is one of the most "beautiful people" I know. She is an outstanding singer-songwriter and entertainer. A few years ago, I drove 13-hours from Omaha to Ann Arbor to see her perform - it turned out to be one of the best experiences in my life! If you haven't heard Melanie, then it's about time you did. You will not be disappointed! Since Woodstock '69, she IS the consummate performer!

Back in 1997, when this web page was in its infancy, Melanie recorded this little song for me. Although, Melanie mentions it being "official", it is in reality only a "fan page". Many thanks to Melanie and Patti Petow for making this page happen!

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Melanie's New CD Single: Till They All Get Home (a little prayer)

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This is a powerful song and definitely one of my favorite Melanie songs. It reminds us that there are men, women and children who are away from their home - whether they be soldiers or refugees, or just anyone wishing to return to a special place we call home. Melanie reminds us to remember and to say a little prayer for all those away from home that they will return safely and also for those who may never return. Find out more about this CD from Melanie's Official Web Site .

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