Welcome to my Website, these pages will eventually cover the Local Music scene in and around the Kettering area.                                                                                                                                    I have had a computer now for around 6 years, and so I thought it would be  time I made use of my Web space, my main hobby  is Computers and listening to music. I have also done a recording   for a duo called Overcaste.I also recorded two  Gigs last year  and a very catchy song  called 'Slide', this  was done with the help of a really Talented Musician  called David Vincent (You can pay me later Vinny!) which was all done via the internet!  You will find out more about this and Vinny in future pages . (If I nag him enough!) If you are planning a holiday to San Antonio Ibiza, you will most likely find Vin entertaining 18-30 holidaymakers. I hope to do a feature on this soon.

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For my first page I Would like to cover The Margin and then Overcaste, If you are a  former Band member, or  would like some coverage I would really like to hear from you, and  get your background story,  maybe your present Band onto these pages. Just click onto Steve below to email me.

I am still awaiting further information from Paul Stefanowicz  who is the former front man of my first featured Band The Margin, he is very busy at this time recording an album, which will be available from July, If I annoy him enough I hope to have the remaining info in 7 Days. I would also like to put some audio clips on these pages, just to give you a general idea of what the bands are like.

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