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last time I actually felt inspired enough to do stuff to my page: 4th March 2002
stuff I felt inspired to do: updated my CD list

Hi, I’m Kim Lees... I'm 29 and live in Christchurch, New Zealand... this is my first attempt at a homepage - how am I doing so far? not too bad, I hope... anyway, I’m a huge fan of all kinds of music so this page is kind of a dedication to SOME of the music I like to listen to... if I was to list all of the music I enjoy it would take up several gigabytes but they’ve only given me 11 megs to work with !!! :-)

wanna talk to me??? my ICQ number is 9270797, I'd love to meet you... "what’s ICQ?" do I hear???... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN !!! well, ICQ’s this really neat little chat program that lets you... well, yeah, chat... as well as other cool things like transferring files and stuff... you can download it from here... just a warning though... it’s EXTREMELY addictive... I claim no responsibility for turning people into net-addicts... :-)

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Links to a few of my net-friends’ pages...
these people were the main inspiration for me starting a homepage, so make sure you check out their sites too !!!