Randy's guitar Clinic has Moved

Sadly, Geocities will be closing later this year, so after 10 years at this web address, We are moving to http://webspace.webring.com/people/pv/vangar/randys_guitar_clinic/.
Please change your bookmarks to the new address. Thank you for following my site. You can email me any questions.

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My name's Randy and I'm a guitarist. Welcome to my guitar clinic. The lessons here are free. Bookmark the lesson page so you can check back. I'll add more lessons regularly.

My lovely wife Petala , our two sons and I live in North Carolina. I am pretty well booked up now, no room for new students, but feel free to email me any questions. I will answer as fast as I can and explain as clearly as I can. I would change that to: I will answer and explain clearly as soon as possible. Information is free.

I got my first guitar at the age of twelve, and it changed my life. I teach guitar, and perform both solo and with various bands. Email me for dates and availability.

If you have a guitar site, or if you know of a good guitar site that belongs on my link list, email me. I'll post it for everyone.

Now pick up your guitar and practice!

Here are some excellent books on the subject

Bill Edwards Publishing Complete Fretboard Logic System Box Set (Book/DVD)

Bill Edwards Publishing Complete Fretboard Logic System Box Set (Book/DVD)

The Bill Edwards Publishing Complete Fretboard Logic System Box Set (DVD) gives you the entire Fretboard Logic guitar system at a special package price. Introduces the guitar's unique tuning and basic fretboard patterns; builds on this foundation with chords, scales, and arpeggios; and then allows the player to focus on expressing a chosen style. Includes Fretboard Logic SE and Fretboard Logic III in newly revised editions plus videos I and II in DVD format.


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