"Fools Rush In"

In this episode, Charlie gets a little overprotective about Daphne's stripping and follows her to a job. There, a man is making a move on Daphne and Charlie comes in and punches the man. Daphne becomes very upset with Charlie and storms off without him. Later, they reconcile their opinions about Daphne's job, but Charlie is shocked when he hears Daphne is pregnant!

While Griffin is grocery shopping, he is the 1000th customer and receives a free trip to Los Angeles. Julia and Griffin travel to LA together and they pretend they are two foreigners who have just met for the first time. Their relationship blossoms after the "roleplaying" on the trip.

Bailey and Annie have just moved in together when Annie's ex husband, Jay, shows up at the apartment. He tells Annie that he is sober and would like to have his family back.

Meanwhile, Claudia is very excited over the news that she has been invited to Jamie's prom.

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