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"I want the whole world to see, not the difference, but the sameness of people with disabilities..."

"Thank you for seeing us through the eyes of acceptance..." ^the two quotes are quotes that I found on the 'net (at beautiful faces.org) and placed them here to educate others to better understand that disabled individuals aren't that 'DIFFERENT'.

about me... JT... WELCOME to the page about me-JT-the webmaster of this website!... I'm a disabled individual and wear (thick)glasses because I'm quite nearsighted.

I may have some problems, but despite my limitations (and EVERYONE has some LIMITATIONS of one sort or another), I'm an intelligent and creative person who has alot to share with others. I may be disabled in some ways but all in all I'm a very capable person, I may have to do things a bit differently than 'normal' people do things but I'm just as valueable as other people. The same is true for other disabled people who have varying degrees of capabilities. I'm in college part time for a certificate in Travel & Tourism (and doing well -A's, B's, and C's) see my other pages-about me, my interests, goals, etc... travel survey... In addition to going to college four days a week, I'm active in some non-profit organizations that serve disabled individuals...for example the Northeast Independant Living Program, INC. (NILP)-I'm in the process of setting up a web presence for NILP here in my own website (part two-of my own website. I hope to have it done sometime soon-please bear with me while I'm in the process of finishing it.)You may view it at... the LINK here... LINK to NILP... for NILP info. In addition to NILP, I'm also involved with an organization called Lawrence Organizing Voices for Empowerment-the LOVE group. ...It's a SPINOFF of NILP, and it's purpose is to fight for the rights of mental health consumers in the state of Massachusetts. I've created a website for the LOVE group (actually the first one for the group was created and maintained by a fellow LOVE group member, but he ran into some technical difficulties and so took the website down off the 'net, and then I created a new website for the group.) --see his homepage... off you go... The LOVE group is a group of mental health consumers in the Merrimack Valley area of the Baystate fighting for the rights of ALL MENTAL HEALTH CONSUMERS/SURVIVORS/EX-PATIENTS in our state. you can find the (separate from this website) LOVE website by... Lawrence Organizing Voices for Empowerment website... (created by me-J.T.)... Lawrence Organizing Voices for Empowerment LARGE PRINT version of their website...-(part 4 of this website) ... For information about mental health issues... see page 3a... and for further information about mental health issues... CHARTER BEHAVIORAL WEBSITE... MAGELLAN HEALTH WEBSITE... A medical support/discusssion chatroom-open nightly starting at 10 pm Eastern Time..and off you go... see my NEXT PAGE... and off to page 3a-information about Depression, and other mental health issues... page3... see my new STAR WARS page... and off to page3a... page4... basic CHRISTIAN INFORMATION-in large print... basic CHRISTIAN INFORMATION-in medium size print... about the church I belong to--in large print... Links to other sites on the Web A Christian website...you've probably guessed by now (from the picture of the cross on the top of this website index page) that I'm a CHRISTIAN. ... A music/entertainment website... join in on the fun public chats or become a member by registering at this website, CHATHOUSE.COM ...Registration is FREE... An ABC tv website... a Christian website where I have found some of the graphics for my website-especially the part for my church pages. MORE LINKS... a christian website for christian web authors, join for FREE!... a REALLY COOL website to visit-best for web tv users... other STAR WARS WEBSITES... see this site... and off you go to another star wars website... a place where you can get some COOL stuff for your own website... SORRY but the LINK doesn't seem to be working properly, so just type in (http://www.newartvision.com) to see this cool website with FREE things for your own website... a website about helping disabled individuals work... the Organization of Christians with Internet Homepages... an Excellent Christian website to visit... I hope all these links are enjoyable! You might also want to check out the following websites they seem interesting... www.reocities.com/capecanaveral/1555/sw.htm www.members.aol.com/starwars/homepage.html www.reocities.com/hollywood/9395/index.html www.reocities.com/area51/2797 www.reocities.com/hollywood/4826/index.html www.reocities.com/area51/6981/swpage.html www.reocities.com/area51/vault/1373 Thanks for stopping by...send me your comments, questions... email-form... -

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