Days of Our Lives Interactive Mystery Adventure
        It's late Sunday night and you are walking home from
another disappointing day of searching for a job. As you walk
along the docks you heard something.
        "Hello?" you call out, wondering if someone else is here.
The only light comes from the full moon and its reflection on
the thick layer of mist worsens your vision.
        "Hello, Hello is anyone here?"
         Suddenly you hear something behind you, and before you
can react some crates are falling ontop of you.
         When you wake up you find yourself in a hospital bed.
Outside the door you can see a policeman standing guard. Doctor
Mike Horton enters the room.
        "Well, I'm glad to see your awake." After Mike checks you
over he tells you that you should be able to leave the hospital"
this afternoon, but what happens then is up to the law.
        Just then Abe and Pat Hamilton enter the room.
        "Commander Carver I want you to arrest the suspect now that
s/he is awake," Pat Hamilton says.
        "I'm sorry, but I have to do this, You are under
        arrest for the murder of Stefano DiMera," Abe says to you,
then begins to read you your rights. After you are released you
are taken to Police Headquarters for questioning.
        "We need to know your side of the story, everything that
happened last night when Stefano was murdered," Abe says.
        "Don't say a word!" Mickey Horton exclaims as he enters
the questioning. "I would like to speak to my client alone."
        After Abe leaves the room you ask Mickey what is going on.
        "I'm afraid you are the main suspect in the murder of Stefano
DiMera last night," he tells you.
        You explain to Mickey that you were just on your way home and
that you didn't even see Stefano.
        "It doesn't really matter at this point. All the evidence
points to you. When the police arrived on the scene they found you
underneath a few empty crates. You had a gun in your hand which
matches up with the bullet that killed Stefano."
        You tell Mickey that this is ludicrous, that you had no
reason to kill him.
        "But the DA thinks you do, the DA even has a motive. They
found a blackmail note on Stefano. The note demanded 1 million
dollars or Stefano would be turned over to the police. Because
there was no money at the crime scene the police suspect that Stefano
was not going to pay the money, and you shot him for not paying you.
They think in the process or in a struggle of some sorts the crates
tipped over and knocked you out."
        You ask Mickey why the police would suspect you of killing
blackmailing Stefano.
        "The police know you have been out of work for some time,
and that you have had to sell some of your possessions just to pay
your rent. All in all, it doesn't look good for you."
        After you explain your side of the story to Abe and Pat
Hamilton and a meeting with the judge you are let out on bail
because you have no prior record. After a long day you return home
to get some sleep.

Enter Salem