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Created by Kristel Braddock, Maintained By Larry Nickel and Friends

My name is Lawrence Martin Nickel. I was born on June 5, 1974 at Park Ridge, IL. I have forgotten how long I've been in Alton. I moved but it was to a different address but I am still in Alton. I am 5'6" 190 lbs. hazel eyes and blonde hair. I am reemployed w/ Jack In The Box (second Stint). I have worked at The Alton Belle Casino (Now Called Argosy Alton)(7/01 - 4/06), Jack In The Box [1st Stint](3 years, 10 months), Fazoli's (Dec '93 - Mid '97), Hardee's (3 Months) and thru the High School Work Program (2 Years - Junior and Senior Years) which I was a janitor at the High School and the Vocational School called JB Johnson and a worker in the high school Lunchroom and the "Meals on Wheels" Mobile Lunchroom and the Grade School Lunchroom. I am very single and I hope any good Single girls who want to ask me out, will you please email me at one of my 6 email addresses(But the first one is my Primary one).

You can find me on Yahoo! Messenger as nick330 (Surnames are nick7924[same as my AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name]and nick7400) or on AOL Instant Messenger as Nick7924.

For the listeners of "The Stranglehold w/ Brian Stull" The Show will Return to the Airwaves in Janurary of 2009 to Movin 101.1 but the time slot is still up in the air but for right now visitThe Stranghold.com for More info and to vote for the 2008 Stranglehold Awards.

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"And that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so!!!"

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