Book of Rules

There are many home-brewed rules that have been created to enhance role-playing. Here I hope to display some of those different rules. These are all optional. You are free to use them to expand your game or ignore them if they conflict with how you play.

  1. Learning New Skills: - By Adam Mansbridge and Chris Curtis. [ Any ]
    By the rules characters learn new skills at new levels. But how does it work if a character wants to teach someone a skill? These rules allow for this possibility with a realistic system.

  2. Missile & Bomb Tables : - By Chris Curtis and Mad Dog. [ Rifts | 11/30/97 ]
    This is a completely revised and expanded table designed to replace that found in the Rifts Main Book. It includes not only conventional warheads, but also specialty ones such as air-to-air and deployable minefields as well as stats for true thermonuclear weapons.

  3. PPE Expenditure: - By Mystic and Chris Curtis. [ Any | 4/15/97 ]
    As mages expend more energy casting spells, they will become more fatigued. This rule helps simulate that fatigue.

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