Mucho cool picture Hi all, welcome to my little piece of web-space. My name is Stephanie, I'm a 29 year old researcher working in Montana, USA.

This diary serves several purposes, including but not limited to; Remembering certain dates, events and other ups and downs. Keeping in contact with friends, and serving as my creative writing outlet. If you don't find what i write is ver interesting, well too bad.

Now after that general introduction, some fascinating facts about the girl who sporadically updates this page.

Name : Stephanie!
Age : 29
Star sign : Pisces
Height : 180 cm (6'0)
Weight : None of your business. ;)
Eye colour : Green (with flecks of brown)
Hair Colour : Brown, but with some fab foils, occasionally purple
Hobbies : Sleeping, eating, socializing, writing...
Hates : Fundamentalists, cucumbers and early mornings.
Likes : Sleeping in, talking philosophy, and being with friends.
Aspirations : To travel and work overseas, to be with my girlfriend and to remember the joy that is life.
Prized posessions : My photo albums, my friends, my books.

The people and friends who have visited this site from it's earliest incarnations back in October 1997 onwards will know that I've chopped and changed a lot of this site over the last few years. My web-page isn't a static systems, like me it is forever dynamic and changing, and so I try to have it reflect the person who I am today. I know it had more general information before, but I decided that that sort of material was widely available on the internet anyway. I hope you can understand my decision.

To everybody else, I apologize for the continuing disorganization here, and hope you will return when I have had time to clean up the mess! :)

"If the picture seems fuzzy, well it's just reality.