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February, 1998 April, 1998

February, 1998

Nature's Pallette

As I look around at the gray barren trees this time of year, there does not seem to be much color. But when I take a closer look, I can notice the subtleties of color even at this most barren time of year. Some of the trees have rust looking dried foliage still hanging on them. Others have a shade of almond foliage. The trunks of the trees themselves vary from light gray to brown to black and indefinable shades in between. And the subtle blue sky gently resting in the background may rage a powerful plum, orange-pink, and violet sunset tomorrow. As I look forward to the herbs, flowers, and vegetables that will blossom in my garden this summer, I can envision a multitude of unique shades of beautiful colors in nature's great palette. Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of nature, I decided to make my home as natural as possible. However, after several trips to local paint stores, I found myself wanting shades of color that were in between the color swatches offered. Something, well, more natural looking.

As I bought a couple books and started reading up on natural homes, I ran across a paint company in Santa Fe that sells paint made out of natural materials such as crushed stone and plant dye. I was further pleased to find that I could order natural pigments representing the color wheel and mix them myself to create the shade of color I wanted. This idea of being able to use one can of paint base (also made out of natural materials) for a number of projects and colors really appealed to me.

Painting with Mother Nature's own paints seems the ultimate to me. These products, as well as being and looking natural, are also much safer and healthier to live and work with. They are safer for the environment as well, as they are manufactured from replenishable natural sources and manufactured with a minimum of pollution.

My next project is sanding and finishing the hard wood floors in my home and I will be using a finish made from resin, linseed oil, orange peel oil, and lead-free dryer. Why sand down floors to cover them up again with a mixture of synthetic chemicals? I will let you know how it goes.


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April, 1998

A Prodigious Journey: A Mother Daughter Relationship

Mothers! Wow, what a topic! Any daughter knows the ambivalence loaded into the mother/daughter relationship. The Bible says to honor one's father and mother and mentions nothing of the rebelliousness and avoidance I have experienced in my own relationship to my mother.

However, in answer to my belief in reincarnation, I ultimately needed to examine my ideas and attitudes about this relationship. Eventually, these attitudes of rebelliousness and apathy towards my mother came full circle with the Biblical imperative to honor one's parents. In fact, honoring my parents has proved to be the most powerful and invaluable lesson of my life.

You see, I believe I had a choice as to which parents I would incarnate with - the parameters of choice determined by the spriritual lessons I needed to learn. More simply put, I believe that we are born into a family situation that mirrors our own spiritual (or lack thereof) development.

Having my psycho-spiritual development reflected back to me by my parents, I made the choice to journey through conformity, rebelliousness and ambivalence, traveling thoroughly through the peaks and valleys of "hell and back".

Finally, tired and beleaguered, I came home. Allowing myself to receive the multicolored coat of my mother's truth, I was able to recognize my parents in myself. After loving, accepting and honoring my mother, I was suddenly able to shed layers of lifetimes worth of insecurities and fears and move into a place of "space" that allowed room for new life. Holding out our hands to receive the baton from our mothers, we are then able to carry the relay of spiritual evolution forward into uncharted and undiscovered realms of understanding, passions, and freedoms. Having freed ourselves from repeating the past, only the light of the sun now need be our guide. Take it from a prodigal daughter, give yourself something for Mother's Day - work it out with your parents in this lifetime.


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