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Biking in Portugal 1993

Here are some Photo shoots from my Train-Bike travel to Portugal in 1993:
On Train from Nice to Irun 

On French train from Nice to Irun.

Nice to Irun Railstation in Irun (Spain) 

Rail station in Irun (Spain).


Estarea (Portugal).


Porto - the home of Port wine.


Boats on Douro river in Porto.


Vintage celebration (Porto).


On the Port tour. (hik)


Happy hour at the Burge's.




Atlantic was cold in Espinho.


Nice house (Espinho).


On the train again ...




On the road again ... From Lisbon to Cabo da Roca.


The market in Cascais.


Yes, there is the west most point of continental Europe...


Cabo da Roca.

"Aqui onde a terra se acaba e o mar comeca ..."


Praya da Roha.


Sunset in Estoril.


Ceramics on rail station in Setubal.


Dog heat in the center of Setubal.


Painted wall in Setubal.


Another one.


Pottery in Setubal.

And then with train from Setubal to Vila Real de Sto Antonia.  

The bridge which is the link between Portugal and Spain.


If you want to cross the border in Vila Real de sto Antonio - there is only one way - the highway.

In Spain we traveled from Huelva to Algeciras (near Gibraltar) with train.  

With ferry to Ceuta (Africa).

In the back is the Gibraltar.

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