Hi, my name is Tom and I'm a wind junkie.

Wind and speed create adrenaline which is a powerful drug. I know I'm addicted. The reason I came here is to get help with my problem. Wanna help?

Whoa! Stop! Hold it! I don't think I'm addicted any more, since my adrenaline level peaked frantically avoiding a multi-car pileup on 101 at Hospital Curve! (how convenient!)

Who Am I?

A fun-junkie in search of trees, wind, waves, snow and a sweetheart of a boyfriend.

Who are You?

You're visitor number to drop by! Aloha!

I grew up in Alaska and moved to the Bay Area in 1994 to get my Masters in CS (databases and systems). I'd just gotten serious about windsurfing, so it was a natural to stay here after graduation. I'm living in San Francisco now; it's quite a change living in the city - I kinda like it, but I'm beginning to long for the peace and quiet of the country. I miss the birds and trees!

I spent 32 years in Alaska, 14 of them with my first boyfriend. We decided to split 3 years ago when I came south to go to grad school. He continued south to Oceanside (I'm sorry, that's his problem :) Our two month journey to the states took us thru Banff, Jasper (awesome!), Vancouver BC and to Hood River. We had a great time. There are a few photos of the trip in my gallery. The split was a bit tough, but we're good friends once again.

Growing up in Alaska, I spent a lot of time outdoors. Since there seem to be a lot of gay people who haven't had this opportunity, these pages are devoted to my love of the outdoors. (although they focus on windsurfing, I plan to add some pages on my other interests, including skiing, mountain biking, bodysurfing, white-water rafting, sailing ...) During the long, dark winters I developed a lot of indoor interests too. Besides the "obvious" indoor activity (which had nothing to do with the winter) :^), I enjoy mechanical and construction things, movies, live music and theater, silk screening prints and innovative cooking. I've created about a million salmon recipes!

A few of my favorite times have been captured on film and they're here in my Photo Gallery.

Find out a few things about Me.

The emphasis is on windsurfing, in the San Francisco Gay Windsurfing Club. Next Meeting - June 14

If you're serious about sports, here's a great website for meeting other gay athletes, Gay SportsMates. and there's another at Gay Sport.

Here's a link to a great list of Gay Sporting Clubs .

If you wonder why I left Alaska for San Francisco, here's part of the reason ...
San Francisco, California

My favorite quote:

"Everyone who lives dies,
but not everyone who dies has lived!"

from a No Fear t-shirt I saw at the end of the Friday Nite Skate

Don't be bashful, drop me a line!

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