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Last updated January 29, 2001: In the Animals section, a new picture of a posing white-tailed deer, taken this summer in my backyard. More updates are coming. Enjoy!

This webpage is presented by a Russian-Canadian and her family, who have lived in Nova Scotia for five years, and have loved Nature their entire lives. I believe that taking pictures is fun, but it's more enjoyable to show the beauty of the world to other people, who might otherwise miss it!

"If you missed the blossoms of the Lily-of-the-Valley in May, you may have missed them by a year. If you missed the nightingale's song at twilight, you may have missed it by your entire life!"

Although the author of this page is a professional biologist, there are no scientific descriptions accompanying these images - instead they are humorous, insightful and expressive. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Nature of the Atlantic Provinces of Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, collectively known as the Maritimes)! But please, no littering...

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ANIMALS - This section is a photo gallery of many wild furry, feathered, four-legged (and not), creatures that live, run, hunt, fly and swim in the Maritimes.

Click on the adorable baby seal to the left to see the photo gallery of the Animals of the Maritimes.

PLANTS - This section is dedicated to displaying the beauty of wild flowers, trees, shrubs, berries and other plants that live and thrive in the area of the Atlantic provinces of Canada.

Click on the Water Lilies to see the beautiful plants that grow here.

LANDSCAPES - The varied landscapes of the land called the Maritimes, is featured in this section - a photo gallery of landscapes from all angles possible. Also in this section are our photographs of natural phenomena here - such as eclipses and haloes.

Click on the partial-solar-eclipse photo to the left to see the wonderful land of this part of Canada.

ANIMATIONS - This section consists of my mini-subpages using javascript to bring various images of the Atlantic Provinces to life on your computer screen.

This Java effect is a new, refreshing use of the old Lake applet, designed to please your eyes and calm your soul with beautiful images of this land.

ARTWORK - When you click on the painted Trillium to the left, you will come to a small page which features some of my watercolour artwork of various plants in this area.
HALIFAX - the city that some might call the urban heart of the Maritimes.

Click on the picture on the left, and you will see a few photos of this beautiful harbour city, taken from the water and from the air, at different times of the day.

This page has been visited times. All images on this page were taken by Tatiana Neklioudova and her family. All artwork was drawn by Tatiana Neklioudova - PLEASE do NOT take ANY of these images, photos or drawings, and use on your page under any circumstances, without contacting me first!! Thank you for understanding.

Special thanks goes to: my daughter Nadya Neklioudova for her time, advice and much help on the webpage, and GeoCities for the 15-megabyte web space (!). Also, to Windy and Moyra, who were the creators of the background graphics sets I borrowed to use on this page. (this particular background image is from the WindyWeb) Webpage put up May 23, 1998.