Matt's Party

I'm Julia, the one with freakish blonde hair and the Santa hat.

Hi! I'm a 19 year old girl from San Francisco, my city by the bay. I love the city but during the year I attend school at Cal Poly Cal Poly is "ok" because the classes aren't too hard but I'm out in the boonies! I miss the fog! I have two cats named Blackie and Rocket in San Francisco. My only friends aren't my cats. I have a whole slew of friends I met most of my friends in middle school and high school. I've also made new friends at Cal Poly and through a talker named Paradox. In my spare time I'm a devoted volunteer with the American Red Cross Bay Area I volunteer with the San Francisco Youth Emergency Services Team and I will soon start volunteering with the chapter in SLO. If you're still reading by now here are some of my other HOBBIES:
  • fencing
  • rock climbing
  • being sarcastic
  • writing poetry

    KD looking cute KD Lang is one of my favorite singers. My favorite song of hers is "Constant Cravings". Check out the link I have to the KD Lang Museum. You can see all kinds of pictures of KD and find links to other KD sites!


  • GLAAD Find out about queer representation in the media

  • cool rock climbing links

  • USFA Find out what going on in the USFA!

    The Gap is my faovorite place to shop!

    Lesbian humor for the human race!

    Delia's also has awsome clothes!

    My So Called Life is one of my favorite shows!

    Thanx for comming!

    blue ribbon