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January 20, 2004

We have shifted all our Event Notices
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The Undersea Heritage & Exploration Society

A Non-Profit Educational and Diving Volunteer Organization Based in Austin-Houston-Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.

Welcome to our New Home!

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Training, Lectures and Shows by Members


Collection and Restoration of Classic Diving Equipment


Marine Archeology and Environmental Projects

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Participate in Exciting Projects



On May 17, 2001, UHEXSO Founder and Trustee, Col. William "Randy" Furr passed away at his home in Pflugerville, Texas. Randy was a driving force in the creation of UHEXSO and in its guidance and operations. He was a good friend and a great diver. He will be missed by all who knew him.


UHEXSO has also been acknowledged as an International Affiliate Member of the Historical Diving Society--U.K.




For those of you with children who are interested in diving and diving history, be sure to pick up a copy of Deep Diving Adventures. The diving consultant for the book was John Hoover, the Executive Director of UHEXSO. The book is for ages 9-12 and is available at bookstores or on AMAZON.COM.

The book covers deep submersibles diving, some of the famous firsts in diving and has sections on Eugenie Clark, Norbert Wu and of course Sylvia Earle. The book is well illustrated and is a good read for children and adults.

Take a virtual dive with UHEXSO divers Richard Lowe in his Siebe Gorman and Paul Schenk in his USN MK-V. The video was taken during one of UHEXSO's dive rallies at Aquarena Springs, San Marcos, Texas. Video courtesy of SJD Underwater Video Productions, Austin, Texas.

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